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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Best Tools To Check Website Backlinks.

Getting comes to get views for your site the main point in SEO is backlinks.In Simple words, backlinks act as middle man between the search engine and the searcher. The more the backlinks more the chances to get ranked in any search engine. Moreover, the point that I have to tell you about is how to check backlist on your site. The foremost reason to check the backlinks that to have an idea that where is your site listed in the search engine.

How Backlinks Help?
 Let's take an example that I have a website with 5 posts and with 50 backlinks on it and an another person also run a website with over 100quality post but in this case, this website has no any backlinks.
Now tell me which website will get more views from search engine and which website will rank above.
ANSWER-- The website will higher Number of backlinks on post will rank above as compared to the second website.

Below I have a made a list of Best Sites To Check Backlinks For your site

1. Majestic SEO

Majestic surveys and maps the Internet and has created the largest commercial Link Intelligence database in the world. This Internet map is used by SEO, New Media Specialists, Affiliate Managers and online Marketing experts for a variety of uses surrounding online prominence including Link Building, Reputation Management, Website Traffic development, Competitor analysis and News Monitoring. As link data is also a component of search engine ranking, understanding the link profile of your own, as well as competitor websites can empower rational study of Search Engine positioning. Majestic is constantly revisiting web pages and sees around a billion URLs a day.

Majestic is available in a variety of price points, including a free registration and subscription options from UK £39.99 (€46.99, US$49.99) per month rising to enterprise level options. Higher end features include deeper analysis and API access, allowing developers to integrate Majestic Data with their own toolsets.

2. Ahrefs

Image result for Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a multinational team with roots from Ukraine and headquarters in Singapore.With the launch of Site Explorer, Ahrefs stirred the stagnant field of backlink analysis and kick-started a new round of competition among SEO tool providers back then and quickly became one of the world's best backlink analysis tools.From our humble beginnings, Ahrefs has steadily grown. Ahrefs started out with the first cluster of 6 hand-made servers, gradually moving on to our current powerful 60 TFlops system. Today, Ahrefs index is updated with the freshest backlinks found on the web every 15 minutes, and the crawler processes up to 6 billion pages a day. Hard to believe — it is only three times less than what Googlebot does!

3. SEMrush

SEMrush was in 2008 as a small group of SEO and IT specialists united by one mission — to make online competition fair and transparent, with equal opportunities for everyone. After seven years of trailblazing experiments and constant progress, SEMgrewgrown into the world's leading competitive research service for online marketing. Having traveled the path from a small startup to a big international company. SEMrush is professional software that is easy to use, and you can try it for a couple of weeks for free before deciding whether you want to subscribe.

4. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer powerful rank tracking software tool retrieves search engine rankings for pages and keywords and stores them for easy comparison later. No need to manually check daily — Moz Pro subscribers can track selected rankings data over time to see which efforts are making the most impact as well as schedule automated reports to stay informed on changes.

5Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is part of the Webmaster Tools that the search giant provides. Under the Search Console, you can check out “Links to Your Site” under the “Search Traffic” section. There you’ll see the total links to your site, as well as your most linked content, the sites that link to you the most, and the anchor text used.You can only use the Search Console to check out links on your own site, but it is an important resource that offers up-to-date information right from the source.
Bonus: Raven Tools
Backlink Checker Tool

Raven Tools is designed to efficiently manage search engine optimization, online advertising campaigns, and social media conversations.With Raven, your business can immediately conduct research and analysis, track search engine trends, manage link building, monitor and manage social networks, create and manage ad campaigns, produce sophisticated campaign reports, and collaborate with team members. These features, all from just one central location.Raven integrates data from various sources so you can make the best campaign decisions. It taps deep into SEOmoz, Majestic SEO, and SEMRush, data for a detailed competitor, link, keyword, and social intelligence.

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