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Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Top 10 Ad Networks For Publishers With High Rate Of Approval Content

It’s the start of the year and I’m pretty sure that all publishers out there are seeing a downward trend in their revenues and all your trackers are still in crimson although Christmas was over already. This is normal and you shouldn’t panic at all. Instead, we believe that it’s the best time to plan out your whole year strategy to make sure that you’re getting the best from your inventories. To help you get started, we have reviewed all our top-notched ad network partners and have picked the top 10 ad networks for publishers

1. Doubleclick Ad Exchange

Despite the introduction of Header Bidding, Google’s Ad Exchange remained to be our cream of the crop. It’s the premium version of AdSense and includes features such as preferred deals, account level filtering and blocking, customizable reports based on publishers parameters, ability to set your inventories as branded, semi-transparent and anonymous, ability to block vendors and Dynamic Allocation in DFP and DFP Small Business. However, if you’re modest publisher, you’re less likely to get an account. Don’t despair though, since we are a certified partner of the Big G, you can sign up with us to get access to their premium advertisers.

2. Sovrn

It’s an innovative online ad network company that always seeks to help their publishers earn more. Aside from standard banners, they have a wide range of ad types such as onscroll InView ads, VPAID, VAST video and recently, header bidding solution. Plus, they have their own set of premiumadvertizerss that can certainly help you monetize your inventories.

3. Facebook Audience Network

Some say that this could be Google’s biggest threat. We are unsure how true this could be but one thing we are confident of is that we have seen how they have stepped-up our publishers’ revenue. FAN allows publishers to maximize their mobile inventories monetization by granting them access to their 4 million global advertisers. Plus, they support a variety of valued ad formats from standard banners to custom native ad units.

4. District M


It’s a 100% Canadian Data Management Platform that provides unique solutions for both publishers and advertisers. They have their well-known District M Exchange that offers a revenue boost of an average of 30-60%. However, their header bidding solution is one of our top performers. They have high CPMs that brought growth across our premium publishers.

5. bRealtime

bRealtime, a division of CPXi is a media and technology company that caters to both publishers and advertisers. They have display, mobile, video, and high impact ad units. What we love about them is that they offer fixed CPM and can monetize all your inventories across all geolocations. Last year, they rolled out their Biddr°360 and became one of our header bidder partners. Their bidder boasts of real-time transparency and on-demand optimization.

6. PulsePoint


Its programmatic exchange offers a unique demand and flexible integrations through their API. PulsePoint is a global advertising platform with a track record for over five years already and has since added value to all our publishers. Recently, they have launched their header bidding solution designed for a better demand competition with minimal integration hassle.

7. 33across

One of the few ad networks that have not developed their header bidding solution yet, but still managed to outperform some of those companies that have header bidding solutions already. An ad-tech company, 33across is well-known for the high viewability of their online ads. Viewability has been in the market for some time, but last year, some advertisers have started paying for vCPM or cost-per-thousand-viewable only. So, you might want to evaluate how your ads are shown to your audiences because this will have an impact on your revenue. 33across has standard banners, mobile, video, and other impact ad units that you can choose from.

8. Defy Media

It’s a new addition to our list of partners. It’s a digital media company that produces original online content and own the biggest YouTube channels for millennials. Their header bidder solution has brought supplementary revenue to our publishers.

9. 152 Media

152 is one of the fastest growing digital media company that provides solutions to publishers, agencies, and advertisers. They have display, mobile, videos and can monetize 100% of your inventories worldwide. They have recently become one of our header bidding partners and continues to bring incremental revenues to our clients across the board.

10 .OpenX

OpenX is one of the blue-chips in the advertising industry. They run one of the unparalleled programmatic markets globally and can provide publishers access to the first-rate advertisers. Moreover, their OpenX bidder is one of the leading header bidding solutions that publishers are using nowadays.

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